The Environment

Oh yes....the environment.

Reference to the recent criticism of the global business institution and its failure to consider the future of the planet made by King to be Charles the Prince of Wales, may seem out of place in a wine focused website.

But let's hold on a minute. I think I may have referenced the idea in the past that wine is a subset of life, without question a great one. But, when it comes down to the environment the very future of this precious subset has to be considered and given space among the usual "winespeak". The core of of Prince Charles' stern address was that the pursuit of profit and shareholder returns has run and continues to run rampant testing the limits of the physical environment that we all live in. Keep this in mind, we do have to live here, and so do our kids, and so do their kids... And so does everything around us that completes the programme for this planet.

So where on earth does wine fit in? ANSWER... Everywhere on earth where it is currently made. And the point is that this is an earth in crisis.

With temperatures raging right now in Europe, (Bordeaux facing close to 40' celsius days) and increasingly temperamental weather systems prevailing globally, agriculture and horticulture are challenged.

Will there be a day, before too much longer, that New Zealand can no longer produce the vibrant crisp white wines or graceful and intense cool climate pinot noir it does today as our wine regions here become warmer? This is a challenge for wine regions globally.

If you love wine, if you like the diversity and that sense of place and terroir it can deliver, then with a glass and friend or few, in the not too distant future (as we don't have much time), strike up a conversation about the environment and decide how you feel and maybe find a way you can help.

In the meantime, if you are interested you can catch a synopsis of how the Prince of Wales, who loves nature (and who wouldn't want to be King of some of it) put his challenge to the business world at...




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