Terroir Wines BDX 2011 - 95pt Bob Campbell

We are totally thrilled to have our BDX 2011 rated number 1 for a Cabernet Blend from the 2011 vintage by MW Bob Campbell.

This is a major achievement as we stand above some of New Zealand's most collectable wines. It is major for us being an unknown producer, to recieve such status on first release.

Raymond Chan Wine Reviews

Raymond Chan is a well respected Wellington based wine critic. We sent him three of our wines in February 2017 and we are very pleased we did!

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Customer Reviews

Hi Amanda and Simon

We have loved the wines esp. The 2011 which is superlative and excepting some very expensive wines, peerless.


Hi Simon,
I am wanting to buy some of your wine as a gift for my gorgeous partner who tried it at Hillside Kitchen in Wellington and raved about it.

Dear Amanda,
I tasted the BDX 2011 on Thursday night and must say what a beautiful wine.
Love the berry fruitiness in the wine... Excellent wine! :)


Deep, clear ruby colour. Very dense and firm, with wonderful length, no hint of flabbiness at all. Very complex and full-bodied with no big overriding flavour, though with hints of black cherry & blackberry. It's displaying plenty of backbone without any mouth-drying tannins. As Alison said, quite simply delicious. That aside, I reckon its best years are still to come as it felt like a wine that would cellar really well given decent cellaring conditions.


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